About Us

About Us

Entertainm3nt is one of the main buyer innovation sites pointed toward aiding individuals comprehend and involve innovation in a superior manner.


At Entertainm3nt, we serve the most sultry tech news in the town through our site and application, assist our crowd with settling on better choices through our definite audits, and produce excellent recordings on the tech that really makes the biggest difference to the end customer.

Established in 2011 (then, at that point, called thetecnica) as a work, transformed into an energy and later into an obligation to assist with peopling use innovation in the most potential proficient manner. If you have any desire to peruse our account of how we scaled ourselves from nothing to a main (and capable) innovation site, read our inclusion on YourStory.


According to current details, Entertainm3nt is taking special care of in excess of 20 million month to month clients consolidated on the entirety of our foundation and developing quickly. Our crowd comprises of end shoppers of innovation, nerds, early adopters, and powerhouses.