20 Best Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone You Can Use

Best Lock Screen Widgets

Among the many new highlights in iOS 16, lock screen widgets are one of my top picks. They are perfect for monitoring significant data in a hurry. Likewise, on the off chance that you have empowered consistently in plain view in iPhone 14 Expert, these widgets can add more data accessible to you initially. In this way, in the event that you’re considering redoing the lock screen on your iPhone, here are the best lock screen widgets for your iPhone you can utilize.


Best iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets (Free and Paid)

There are a considerable amount of applications that help lock screen widgets in iOS 16, the two local applications and outsider choices. In this article, we will be investigating the best lock screen widgets that you can utilize whether they are pre-introduced on your iPhone, or accompany outsider applications.


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  1. Climate

Is the climate gadget, first and foremost. This is one of the most valuable use-cases to me for lock screen widgets. The local climate application gives two or three truly valuable climate widgets. You can utilize the precipitation gadget, the temperature gadget, UV List, dawn and nightfall, and that’s just the beginning. Actually, I utilize the temperature and the precipitation lock screen widgets to assist me with rapidly finding out about the circumstances I can anticipate over the course of the day.

weather widget ios 16 lock screen

  1. Battery

Assuming you utilize a ton of remote frill with your iPhone, odds are you’re mindful of the helpful battery gadget that shows the battery level of each associated gadget. With iOS 16, you can now add the battery gadget to your lock screen. You get several decisions too, so you can pick a little 1×1 gadget or a bigger 2×1 gadget too.

ios 16 battery widget lock screen

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat has as of late carried out lock screen widgets also. Presently, you can add an easy route to your companions’ talks straightforwardly to your lock screen. You can likewise add a gadget for a talk bunch, or on the other hand, on the off chance that you send a ton of snaps, you can add a gadget to the Snap camera too. Fortunately, the lock screen widgets aren’t restricted to Snapchat In addition to supporters, so you can utilize it with practically no impediments.

20 Best Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone You Can Use

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  1. Google Guides (Just around the corner)

Google has reported a lot of new widgets for the iOS 16 lock screen. One of my most expected ones is the Guides gadget. With this gadget, you can add continuous traffic and travel time data for your habitually visited puts straight on your lock screen. In the event that you’re an adventurer, you can add widgets to rapidly track down cafés, shops, and close by spots straightforwardly from the lock screen also.

google maps lock screen widget iphone

Picture: Google


  1. Google Search (Just around the corner)

There are new widgets coming to for Google Search too. On the off chance that you have the Google application introduced on your iPhone, you will actually want to add widgets for things like beginning a Google search (utilizing message, voice, or camera), bouncing straight into interpretation, and that’s just the beginning. These widgets will demonstrate valuable for individuals who wind up utilizing the Google application a ton.

google search lock screen widget ios 16

Picture: Google


  1. Gmail (Not far off)

Monitoring your messages can be troublesome on occasion, particularly assuming you get many sends consistently. With the impending Gmail lock screen gadget, you can add a counter for new messages to your lock screen. You might modify the gadget to show uninitiated messages by classifications. Thus, you can rapidly check whether there are uninitiated messages in your work inbox, or in the advancements class, and so on.

20 Best Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone You Can Use

Picture: Google

Note: Google is likewise bringing widgets for Google Drive, Google News, and Chrome. These widgets will be carrying out inside the next few weeks and we will refresh this article when they fire appearing for us.

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  1. Carrot Climate

However the local climate gadget in iOS 16 is sufficient for most clients, assuming that you’re searching for something more private (and clever), you ought to look at Carrot Climate. This is one of the most mind-blowing climate applications for iPhone, and its lock screen gadget is the same. You can decide to utilize one of the basic widgets to follow hourly climate and estimate data. Or on the other hand, you can utilize the gadget that lets you know the weather patterns alongside funny comments. With everything taken into account, there are more than 20 widgets in Carrot Climate, so you’ll track down something that meets your requirements.

20 Best Lock Screen Widgets for iPhone You Can Use


  1. Fantastical

One more incredible arrangement of lock screen widgets comes from Fantastical. You can utilize the Up Next gadget to see what occasion is coming up in your day, or you can utilize the basic (however helpful) schedule gadget to look at the day and date rapidly. The most valuable one, basically for me, is the Speedy Activity gadget, which you can tweak to rapidly add new occasions, updates, or even inquiry the Fantastical schedule.

fantastical calendar widget lock screen ios 16

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  1. Things 3

Best Lock Screen Widgets ,Things 3 is one of my #1 iPhone lineup for the day applications, other than Omnifocus (which additionally has lock screen widgets coincidentally). The application makes it exceptionally simple to add, track, and deal with your undertakings for the afternoon, week, and fundamentally forever to come. Additionally, it presently has truly helpful widgets. You can add the Rundown gadget to keep a rundown of your forthcoming undertakings straight on your lock screen. Or on the other hand, you can utilize the Advancement gadget to perceive the amount of your everyday work has been finished and how much is staying as a decent pie-outline. There’s likewise a gadget to rapidly add new plan for the day things directly from the lock screen.

things 3 widget for iphone lock screen

  1. Cloudy

Best Lock Screen Widgets, Cloudy is an astonishing web recording application for iPhone and with the new lock screen widgets, it has become much more easy to understand. The application has three widgets that you can utilize at this moment, including the ‘Recents’ gadget that shows new web recording episodes that you haven’t heard at this point, and the direct symbol gadget that simply dispatches the Cloudy application. Be that as it may, assuming you’re a webcast power client, you should have a lot of playlists to make due. With the ‘Playlist’ gadget you can rapidly begin playing any picked playlist, straightforwardly from the lock screen.

overcast lock screen widget podcast ios 16

  1. Launcher

Best Lock Screen Widgets, Launcher is an extraordinary application for you if you have any desire to make lock screen widgets to rapidly send off applications, call individuals, and then some. You can make custom launchers for nearly anything you need, and add them to your lock screen. I have added a gadget for sending off Instagram, which probably won’t be smart for efficiency, however it most certainly saves me a lot of taps.

launcher widget ios 16 lock screen

  1. NapBot

Best Lock Screen Widgets, NapBot is perfect for following your lay down with an iPhone. Furthermore, with the new update, the application currently upholds lock screen widgets. With this, you can undoubtedly follow your rest and view your recorded rest information directly from the lock screen. This is one of those widgets that will just appear to be helpful to a little arrangement of individuals, yet on the off chance that you’re one of them, you ought to look at it.

napbot ios lock screen widget


  1. Apollo for Reddit

Best Lock Screen Widgets, Apollo was one of the main fun applications for the Unique Island, and it likewise upholds the iOS 16 lock screen widgets. With the Apollo for Reddit application you can add widgets to rapidly see moving posts, look at the distance you’ve looked over, your Reddit karma, inbox, and that’s just the beginning. You could in fact add an easy route to straightforwardly open your most loved subreddit in the application.

apollo for reddit ios lock screen widget


  1. Home Gadget

In the event that you’re utilizing HomeKit empowered brilliant home gadgets, this application is an unquestionable necessity for you. The Home Gadget application carries brilliant home controls directly to your iPhone’s lock screen. You can make custom widgets with your HomeKit extras and control them right from the lock screen. The application likewise upholds making custom widgets for the home screen, so you can rapidly and effectively control your gadgets without opening the Home application. Best Lock Screen Widgets

home widget lock screen widget homekit


  1. Music Harbor

In the event that you’re a music sweetheart, monitoring new music is most likely critical to you. Music Harbor brings lock screen widgets that will show you all the new music that has come out as of late. Along these lines, you can ensure you pass up no new lets out of your #1 craftsmen, and you don’t have to unlock your iPhone! Cool, correct? Best Lock Screen Widgets

music harbor lock screen widget


  1. Offbeat

Flight following isn’t something you’d frequently wind up needing, however while you’re heading off to some place, or somebody is flying in to meet you, you can utilize Unpredictable’s lock screen gadget to follow their flight. You can basically add the gadget to your lock screen, add your desired trip to track and that is all there is to it. The gadget will refresh the flight following and show it right on the lock screen. Furthermore, assuming you have empowered the iPhone 14 AOD, you can follow the trip without awakening your iPhone. Best Lock Screen Widgets

flighty lock screen widget


  1. Scanner Master

Scanner Master is a component stuffed record examining application for iPhone. With it’s new update, the application has added help for the iOS 16 lock screen widgets, and that implies you can now get to the Scanner Expert camera directly from the lock screen. You don’t need to unlock your iPhone, find the Scanner Ace application, open it and afterward filter. Essentially tap the gadget on your lock screen and you’re all set. Best Lock Screen Widgets

scanner pro lock screen widget


  1. Halide Imprint II

To the extent that outsider camera applications go, Halide is one of the most outstanding iPhone camera applications you can get. With its new widgets, you can get to significant elements rapidly and without any problem. You can add widgets for opening the application, straightforwardly heading into auto or manual mode, or even to rapidly get to the full scale mode. 

halide mark 2 lock screen widgets


  1. Centered Work

Ask any efficiency buff and they will tell suggest a pomodoro clock as a helpful application to zero in on work. With the ‘Engaged Work’ application, you can now add a gadget to your iPhone’s lock screen to see your continuous clock. You can likewise add a gadget to follow your day to day objectives. The widgets make it more straightforward to see your clocks and guarantee that you enjoy reprieves with impeccable timing and improve your efficiency.

pomodoro timer lock screen widget


20. Lock Screen Alternate routes – Lock Stream

Siri Alternate routes are a very strong component that you can use to robotize basically anything on your iPhone. There are a ton of astounding Siri Easy routes out there, including one for catapulting water from your iPhone. With Lock Stream, you can add any Siri Easy route to your lock screen as a gadget. At the point when you need to run the alternate way, basically tap on the gadget and you’re finished. Simple, isn’t that so?

lock stream gadget ios 16


Utilize These Lock Screen Widgets on iOS 16

Indeed, those were the best lock screen widgets you can use on your iPhone with iOS 16. As may be obvious, there are widgets for essentially everything as of now. Whether you’re searching for efficiency widgets like daily agendas, clocks, and schedules, or efficient ones, for example, HomeKit, Siri Alternate ways on the lock screen, and that’s just the beginning, there are possibilities for everything. Things being what they are, which lock screen widgets would you say you are utilizing on your iPhone? Let is know in the remarks.


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