Coronation Street to revisit Alya Nazir and Ryan Connor’s split story

Crowning ritual Street spoilers follow.

Crowning ritual Street will return to Alya Nazir and Ryan Connor’s split story one week from now – however that doesn’t necessarily imply that they are reuniting.

The pair were a couple for a great time, with Ryan supporting Alya during Geoff Metcalfe’s rule of dread, however they separated because of Daisy Midgeley’s obstruction. He’s as of late experienced the ringer in the wake of engaging in Debbie Webster’s messed up insurance scam.

In the impending scenes, Alya is out on a get-together and Ryan watches on wistfully. Ronnie Bailey tells him that he should tell her how he feels.

alya nazir and ryan connor in crowning liturgy street

Ryan ultimately does that and opens up to Alya about how he immensely regrets being brought into the scam. The entire situation blew up massively and left him assuming all the fault, being ostracized by the Cobbles residents in the process.

Ryan also takes the chance to let Alya know that he wishes they could reunite. How Alya will respond to his confession however is impossible to say.

Speaking about whether they might at any point rejoin in the quick consequence of their separation last year, Alya actress Sair Khan conceded there was an opportunity. She made sense of that while her personality may not behave like it on the outside, “where it counts she loves him and she wants him back”.

ayla and ryan in crowning ritual street
ayla and ryan in coronation street

“By all accounts they’re not appropriate by any means,” she said of them as a team back in September 2021. “He’s somewhat of a joker, sort of a lost little dog however I believe that complements Alya all around well. She can be a piece exceptionally strung, perhaps a piece stuck up on occasion. He truly brings out the softer, more perky side to her.

“She’s must be so extreme for such a long time she’s struggled to see the lighter side of life, so I think they are a decent matching.”

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