Subscription Based Telegram Premium to Arrive This Month

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Telegram Paid Subscription

After WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Telegram is the third most widely used messaging app. Facebook and WhatsApp both stopped working in October 2021. The number of Telegram users increased as a result. Sources claim that Telegram has 500 million or more active users each month. However, according to some recent reports, Telegram will soon introduce a premium plan that requires a subscription. In this article, we will discuss the premium subscription plans for the Telegram messaging app and website. We will go over what Telegram Premium is in this article, along with some of its features. Additionally, we will touch on the Telegram Premium services, which are subscription-based. We’ll also discuss when Telegram Premium will be available in India. We’ll also talk about how much Telegram Premium costs in India. So, without any further delay, let’s head into the article. telegram paid susbcription.

Telegram vs WhatsApp

The first thing that may have crossed your mind is why Telegram and what sets it apart from WhatsApp. In conclusion, Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service, in contrast to WhatsApp, which relies on local storage. The key distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

App for cloud-based messagingApp that uses local storage for messaging
endless server storageInternal memory or an SD card with a limited amount of storage
media compression is optionalautomatically compressing media
Group cap: 200,000Group maximum: 256
Name is availableA telephone number is required.
available botsOnly WA Business offers auto-reply.
unlimited-subscriber channelsChannels aren’t working
Available are private chats.Available messages that vanish

Telegram Premium

According to recent reports, Telegram has been developing a paid subscription service. The platform will be made financially viable through Telegram Premium. The add-on features for your messaging are what Telegram is supposed to bring with this premium version. Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, recently discussed Telegram’s future on the website and the introduction of Telegram Premium, a paid subscription service. Later this month, the popular messaging app’s premium version will be made available, enabling Telegram to be financed “primarily by its users, rather than marketers,” according to Durov. subscription based telegram premium. Click Here to Visite Telegram Official Website

What is Telegram Premium?

Users of Telegram Premium will receive some additional features as part of a subscription-based service. Free users don’t need to worry, though; according to some reports, the current features will continue to be accessible to all users without charge. However, the Telegram Premium subscription will bring in new features that are only available to premium users. Despite the fact that the messaging giant hasn’t yet begun rolling out its premium subscription as of the writing of this article, Telegram Paid is partially operational in the most recent beta. The paid version of Telegram may launch in the upcoming days. telegram vs whatsapp.

Everyone may be wondering at this point: Is Telegram Premium worthwhile? And that has a fairly straightforward your needs will determine what you can stick to the standard usage if you don’t require the extra features and are content with the available features. However, if you are a user who needs access to additional, premium features, the nures then you should look Pay attention to this one. But the key here is that you’re not sure what features the premium version will include. Do not be concerned; we have you covered in that regard as well.

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As we already stated, not everyone has access to Telegram Premium yet. However, we were able to obtain a list of some of the features that the app will provide. The features that are currently known to be coming to the Telegram Premium version are listed below. So let’s start with the features that Telegram Premium will give you for your subscription.

Features of Telegram Premium

The following are some of Telegram Premium’s features:

Upload More

telegram premium, telegram paid susbcription, subscription based telegram premium, telegram vs whatsapp, telegram premium price in india, telegram premium launch date in india

The upload size has grown with the addition of Telegram Premium. You can upload a document up to 4 GB in size if you have Telegram Premium. This was previously restricted to 2 GB, or more precisely, it is restricted for non-Premium users. So long as you are a paid user, you can now send and receive files up to 4 GB in size. If you frequently share larger files with your contacts, you might find this feature to be quite appealing.

Better Download Speeds

Overall, Telegram download speeds will increase. However, there is a catch: only Premium subscribers will have access to the faster-unlimited download speeds. Non-premium users will only be able to download the file at a slow rate. It is not yet known exactly how much of a speed difference there will be. Therefore, if you frequently download large media files from Telegram, the subscription plan may be necessary for faster downloads.


telegram premium, telegram paid susbcription, subscription based telegram premium, telegram vs whatsapp, telegram premium price in india, telegram premium launch date in India

Therefore, speech-to-text will be yet another feature added to Telegram Premium. You can now convert your speech (voice) to text, as the name implies. The transcripts for any voice messages you send or receive are generated automatically by this feature. If you are in a meeting or a crowded area where you cannot play the voice note, this feature can be quite helpful. However, depending on a number of variables like accent, mixed languages, etc., the accuracy here may vary.


For users who have a Premium subscription to Telegram, the app will continue to be ad-free. Originally, this was announced in November 2021. The business added that they would launch affordable plans to disable ads. Additionally, Telegram Premium users won’t see advertisements on any public channels. Therefore, if the ads annoy you, you should subscribe to Telegram Premium.

Premium Stickers

For Telegram Premium users, new and premium stickers will be added. The Premium stickers will have more animations, effects, and other features than the current stickers. Additionally, Telegram promised monthly updates on a regular basis. When you have unique stickers that nobody else does, this can be entertaining. So if you like exclusivity and Telegram Premium stickers are your thing, go ahead and purchase them.

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Advanced Chat Management

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For users who use multiple channels and have trouble distinguishing between their personal, work, and other chats. Then you should use this sophisticated chat management feature. In order to prevent your chats from becoming dispersed, you can manage and align them. Additionally, you can tell which messages to pay attention to and which ones to disregard. Therefore, if you participate in numerous groups and channels, you should purchase Telegram Premium.

Profile Badge

telegram premium, telegram paid susbcription, subscription based telegram premium, telegram vs whatsapp, telegram premium price in india, telegram premium launch date in india

You’re going to adore this new, exclusive Premium feature. Everyone wants to become a verified user on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. The same will go for profile badges. A star will appear in front of the names of Premium Telegram users in the chats. This will help to distinguish between premium and non-premium users. You will be able to tell if the person you are speaking to is a regular non-premium user or a premium user.

Animated Profile Photos

Everyone can use this feature at the moment. You won’t have access to this any longer though once Telegram Premium is available. Only Telegram subscribers who pay a monthly fee will have access to this feature. Developing dynamic profile images is increasingly becoming a paid service. In case you weren’t aware, Telegram lets you make video avatars to more effectively express yourself online.

Premium App Icon

telegram premium, telegram paid susbcription, subscription based telegram premium, telegram vs whatsapp, telegram premium price in india, telegram premium launch date in india

The new app icon represents yet another significant change for Premium Telegram users. For their premium Telegram app, Premium users will receive a new icon. Although it won’t really matter, this is a novel idea that every app will attempt to offer in exchange for a premium subscription. The premium subscription will now depend on your personal preference.

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Unique Reactions

In December, Telegram introduced message reactions. There are currently 16 available message reactions. Along with those reactions, Telegram Premium users will also get unique animated responses to messages. This will easily make you stand out from the crowd. Since that time, WhatsApp has gotten on board and started enabling message reactions for all users.

Increased Limit

In comparison to free users, Telegram premium users will be able to take advantage of an increased limit on everything. For instance, Telegram users can join up to 1000 channels, save up to 400 GIFs and 200 stickers, pin up to 10 chats, and reserve up to 10 public username links. Also, premium users will be able to use up to 140 characters in the bio link. Additionally, subscribers will have access to 20 folders on Telegram premium, be able to group up to 10 chats in a single folder and add up to 4 connected accounts with various phone numbers. Longer captions of 4096 characters will also be available.

Telegram Premium Price in India

The cost of Telegram Premium, according to the most recent beta, is $4.99 per month. which, after conversion, equals 400 rupees. The $400 price seems to be somewhat contradictory. Some may think the price is reasonable, while others may think it is excessive. In fact, we thought the price was fair given the excellent features it offers. In addition, you can even download larger media files, if you know what I mean. File transfers are simple, and cloud-based chat is also available.

Telegram Premium Launch Date in India

According to reports, Telegram’s premium subscription will soon be available. Telegram Premium is only accessible to users who have signed up for the beta test at this time. According to recent reports, Telegram Premium will launch this month. You’re correct, of course. The launch of Telegram Premium is soon. The most recent report states that it will be ready to make its debut by the end of this month. Additionally, let us know in the comments section below if you’d be interested in paying Rs. 400 for Telegram Premium in India.


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